Leathercraft to Saddle Making

Bruce Cheaney Custom Saddles Gainesville, Texas, USA. Bruce shows the Wade Saddle he just finished making. Some of the features of this handmade wade saddle are; 13/15 oz. Hermann oak saddle skirting, all brass hardware, conchos dees, plate rigging 5053 rigging plates. The wood post horn is hand stitched with one hundred and sixteen stitches and measures 5 1/4″ across in diameter. The brass bound 4″ oak stirrups are custom handmade. The front cinch is hand woven 100% mohair. A mule hide horn wrap and over the fork rope strap. Wade saddles fit a lot of different sizes of horses one good thing about the bars on a wade saddle is that there is about 50% more more load bearing surface and the bar angle is better than a lot of trees. You can check out the comparison between a Wade Saddle and a Will James Saddle on the Cheaney Saddles channel. You will see two plain saddles that are very clean looking without any design and will be easy to take care of.

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About Bruce

Leather Craftsman and Saddle Maker for many Years.