Leather Carving Tutorial for Beginners with Bruce Cheaney

Leather Carving with Bruce Cheaney

Article and Videos by Bruce Cheaney Leather carving for beginners you can start out cutting in simple designs and learn how to control your swivel knife and in no time at all you will be on your way to tooling and carving leather. This video tutorial will show you two different swivel knives one with a five eights inch barrel and the other with a one half inch barrel. One of the swivel knives is a Barry King Tool and the other came from the Tandy Leather Factory. The leather being used in this tutorial is Hermann Oak Leather. Any good quality veg-tan (Vegetable Tanned) leather will work for carving leather designs. Leather Carving for Beginners Video Number Two You can use the building block process to learn how to tool and carve leather designs and scrolls. The two swivel knives I use the most for tooling and carving leather are a Barry King Tools swivel knife with a 1/2" barrel and a 1/4" hollow ground blade and a older swivel knife that came from The … [Read more...]